Bringing you the truth, the beauty and the strength of Judaism.

The goal of Judaism Resources is to bring the truth, the beauty and the strength of Judaism to those who seek it. We have been active in the counter-missionary field for two decades and we continue to provide guidance and counseling for those who are affected by the missionary campaign of the Church. Our blog “1000 Verses” has over 350 educational articles and booklets that are constantly being read and studied. We add educational materials to the blog on a regular basis and we answer questions that are raised on the basis of our articles. Judaism Resources also offers educational classes and lectures.


A variety of writings are available for you to download, save, share and enjoy at your convenience.

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Educational Videos

Learn about the fundamental differences between Judaism and Christianity. Discover the untold depth of Judaism. Discern truth from falsehood and get in touch with your higher self.

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One of our goals is to give you satisfying answers to your questions. We want you to achieve clarity - so please reach out to us with your questions.

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