299. Daniel 7:13-14a “he shall ascend into heaven”

This vision is interpreted by the angel himself as a reference to Israel (verses 18, 27).

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300. Daniel 7:13-14b “highly exalted”

See #299

301. Daniel 7:13-14c “his dominion would be everlasting”

See #299


302. Daniel 9:24a “to make an end to sin”

This is referring to Israel’s suffering in exile.

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303. Daniel 9:24a “to make reconciliation for iniquity”

See #302

304. Daniel 9:24b “he would be holy”

This is talking of the Temple.

305. Daniel 9:25 “483 years to the exact day”

The prophet speaks of two separate periods; one of 49 years and one of 434 years. The calculations made by the missionaries have no basis in reality outside of the missionary desire to shoehorn Jesus into the time frame of this prophecy.

306. Daniel 9:26a “cut off”

This is referring to the last high priest that served in the Second Temple.

307. Daniel 9:26b “die for the sins of the world”

The prophet gives no reason for the purpose of the “cutting off”.

308. Daniel 9:26c “killed before the destruction of the Temple”

The prophet actually says that this “cutting off” will be concurrent with the destruction of the temple; not “before”.